Facts about Honey bees

                                    They have personalities

Even in beehives, there are workers and shirkers. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that not all bees are interchangeable drones. Some bees are thrill-seekers. Others are a bit more timid. A 2011  study even found that agitated honeybees can be pessimistic, showing that, to some extent, bees might have feelings. 


They get buzzed from caffeine and cocaine

Nature didn't intend caffeine to be trapped inside an orange mocha Frappuccino. It's actually a plant defense chemical that shoos harmful insects away and lures pollinators in. Scientists at Newcastle University found that nectar laced with caffeine helps bees remember where the flower is, increasing the chances of a return visit.

While caffeine makes bees work better, cocaine turns them into big fat liars. Bees "dance" to communicate-a way of giving fellow bees directions to good food. But high honeybees exaggerate their moves and overemphasize the food's quality. They even exhibit withdrawal symptoms, helping scientists understand the nuances of addiction.



They can help us catch serial killers

Serial killers behave like bees. They commit their crimes close to home, but far away enough that the neighbors don't get suspicious. Similarly, bees collect pollen near their hive, but far enough that predators can't find the hive. To understand how this "œbuffer zone"works, scientists studied bee behavior and wrote up a few algorithms. Their findings improved computer models police use to find felons.

  •  Queen bees will lay as many as 2000 eggs on a good day and an average of one every 45 seconds.
  • There are lots of different types of honey which taste different depending on the flowers used to make it
  • Worker bees, who are all female, are the only ones who will attack you, and only if they feel threatened
  • A colony of bees can contain between 20,000 and 60,000 bees, but only one queen bee

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